Blackest night

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jeanjackthepirate a dit: What are you looking for? (Awesome job btw)

It is a king of small castle called Castum. It was built around the 10th Century and modified during the 12th after the castle was burnt down. We are trying to understand how there used to live, what kind of castle it was (its shape, the material used to built it…….). As it is almost unique in the area it is pretty hard to understand, right now, but that makes it even more interesting !!

rauno-schaal a dit: Any new progress on your N7 armor?

unfortunately I haven’t been able to make any progress…

I’ve been for the last 2 weeks and will be for the next 3, doing an archaeological excavation so I have no time at all… I can’t wait to work on it again!





A porn website is stealing images and photos from Deviantart, Tumblr and probably other website like Zerochan, Pixiv and similar.

This website shows your photos with porn tags and, somewhen, it even photoshop them in order to make you (or your art) appear in a porn set.

How can you check if you’re on this website? Copy and paste this:

and write your username insteaf of USERNAME. If you have different usarnames for DA and tumblr check them both.

If you find your images just follow the instruction here to report the abuse and make this website cancel them.

Please notice that this website doesn’t steal only personal photos: when I check my username I found also the concept art of Queen Tara and even the tutorial of my Baby Tooth (something like “everything is a dildo if you’re brave enough? Can’t believe .-.). They pick up random images, so it’s better if you control even if you’ve never uploaded personal photos

Maybe this warning is already on Tumblr, but I don’t have time to search it. Please, spread, it’s important!!!

This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! I found my cosplay work on this porn website, stolen from either my blog or my Tumblr. PLEASE check to see if your information is on there, and follow the steps to have it removed!!

Please reblog this for visibility, and repost it where you can!

Our pictures were also also on this site. Definitely going through the steps to get the pictures removed.

notfatshepard a dit: Bit of advice; careful about using Pepakura for simpler armour-pieces. You're better off using your own body as a template and making the stuff yourself. Complex stuff like helmets are different, but making simpler pieces using your own figure will make sure the armour fits properly in the finish.

I’m actually using julianbeek’s patterns. It’s a great base but it obviously need adjustments to fit my body shape


Look what the cat dragged in @ The Kosplay Kitten’s PlaygroundAn absouletly epic Domino by cosplayer @itsrainingneon! #cosplay… Via Share My Cosplay
An absouletly epic Domino by cosplayer @itsrainingneon! #cosplay perfection! #comicbook #xforce
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guys! guys!! Fix it Felix Jr. is a real game!! everyone has been telling me it was made up for the wreck it Ralph movie. Today we found a physical working arcade game! From 1986. So in 2016 it will have its 30 year anniversary just like in the movie!